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Email management

Vocalcom interpret the content of messages and route to best skilled agent. In addition, the software offers a complete view of all previous email threads and all other channel interactions.

So you can organise, assign, queue, and prioritise email inquiries.

100% web-based email management

100% web-based email management software enables remote and easy administration. Receive, parse, route, and efficiently respond to high volume of customer emails, web forms, SMS, white letters, and faxes using an integrated solution.


Automated service processes for the email channel, such as auto-replies, auto-suggestions, and auto acknowledgements improve productivity.

Ability to send auto-responses and recommend responses to agents.

Intelligent auto-response

Intelligent parsing of the content of all inbound email queries. Provides fast, prepared responses to commonly asked questions, reducing the number of agent enquiries.

Auto-suggested solutions

Analyses incoming enquiries and sends automated, accurate replies with links to relevant answers in the knowledge base.

The result: firsttouch resolution before an enquiry ever enters the agent queue.

Standard response library

Empowers agents with the right answers, delivering consistency no matter what channels.

Helps agents respond to new or unique issues by automatically suggesting possible answers based on the content of each customer enquiries.

Agent response

Increases agent productivity by providing access to standard response templates and access to the knowledge base.

Intelligent routing according to business rules

Efficiently manages incoming e-mail and web form flow by automatically assigning inquiries to appropriate agents based on content, time, customer type, and even emotional level.

Escalation rules

Notifies managers and triggers followup to help meet response commitments or provide special handling of priority customers.

Single integrated knowledge base

Increase agent productivity with standard response templates and access to knowledge base.

Unified customer interaction record

Increase customer satisfaction and save processing time by providing agents with customer information and interaction history, across channels, available to email customer service agents, enabling informed interactions without losing context.

First-touch resolution

Improve first touch resolution with auto suggested solutions.

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