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Salesforce Contact Centre

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Social Contact Center
Here’s everything you need for a productive contact center and happy service agents. Create and track incoming cases from both traditional and social channels. See your customers’ social profiles. Automatically route and escalate cases. And integrate with your telephony or back-office applications. Easy to use. Awesomely powerful.

Case Collaboration
Help agents work together to respond quickly. Salesforce Chatter brings employee social networks into the contact center. In addition to exchanging information about cases and knowledge articles, your team can follow any Salesforce records or custom objects. When a record is changed, the update is posted automatically. And because every record has its own Chatter feed, everyone following that record automatically receives alerts and can immediately post comments or updates.

Service Cloud Console
Get a single customer view. For service agents, quickly finding the right information about customers is critical. With the next-generation console, agents’ screens are optimized to manage social media and case activities with fewer clicks and less scrolling. And a new user interface streamlines the agent experience with tabbed records, so agents can dramatically speed up support, sales, and telemarketing activities without losing context.

Cross-Channel Service
Offer flexibility in your service. Whether it’s phone, email, or the Web, your customers want options, so make sure your agents have cross-channel service capabilities.

Access customer information instantly. Keep agents productive by integrating with your telephony infrastructure. Salesforce CRM integrates with 80 of the most popular phone systems.

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