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Quality & Coaching Solutions

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Remove the Mystery

With customer behaviours changing constantly, we recognise the need for your operational team to have immediate visibility of their successes and risks against KPI’s within your operation. Quality Connex in conjunction with their partner BYC provide end to end quality and coaching solutions. Offerings are modulated providing you the ability to build your quality and coaching programme or just focus on a specific offering

  1. We fulfil the Quality Assurance effort for you by supported by industry experts in quality and access to a quality tool (Aqua).
  2. You license Aqua for your Quality Assurance reporting.
  3. Require additional Quality Assurance staff for an avalanche of evaluations, purchase a full day of our services and achieve results faster.
  4. You license Aqua for on-line coaching and increase team leader time by as well as allow visibility of results and effectiveness.

Benefits of using Aqua

  • Aqua provides you with instant results
  • Aqua has no restriction on what you want to measure
  • Aqua automatically pulls all Quality findings into the online coaching environment
  • Team leaders have 30% more time to fulfil increased coaching
  • Agents see their results immediately—remove the mystery of QA
  • You have the ability to see who is coaching, on what and whether it’s working
  • FSB/FSA compliance requirements met
  • Easy to use system that increases efficiency of your quality measurement team
  • System used by over 30, 000 contact centre resources today
  • Aqua supporting global companies
  • Unique and built for contact centre effectiveness
  • The most cost effective solution in our industry today

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