How One Client’s Call Centre Productivity Increased… By 132%


How One Client’s Call Centre Productivity Increased… By 132%

A true story of the efficiency gains and cost savings you can achieve when your contact centre system and Salesforce are integrated. Have you been looking for a solution that can integrate your contact centre system with your Customer Relationship ...

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Go Salesforce native: 3 key takeaways from the Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2017

The Quality Connex team is back from the Salesforce World Tour Sydney and here are a few key items we learned at the event that we think you will find valuable – key amongst which was the importance of being ...

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10 Customer Service Skills for the Savvy Call Centre Agent

Call centre agents are on the front lines of customer service, representing the voice of a brand and playing a large role in the customer experience. While companies may train agents to do their jobs well-with technology training, call scripts, ...

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It’s an Omnichannel World: The Rise of the Millennial Customer

We may already be living in a digital world, but the current younger generation has a special distinction of its own. Millennials–also known as Generation Y and considered to be anyone born after 1980-are the first generation to have been ...

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Keeping the Customer Satisfied: Best Practices for Reducing Customer Churn

In every business, sales and marketing departments strive to attract customers with the straightforward intention of growing sales and ensuring long-term brand success. While growing a clientele is certainly essential to growing a business, current customers should never be overlooked. ...

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