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Quality & Coaching Solutions

Reduce your operating costs and improve your visibility of results relating to customer delivery and coaching of your front line resources.
  • No System integration required—’Plug and Play
  • Complete flexibility in what you measure
  • Real time information to allow smarter operating
  • 30% cost reduction

Customer Contact Solutions

Deliver outstanding customer service, regardless of your size, industry, or budget.
  • IVR
  • Email
  • Video Chat
  • Inbound Voice
  • Outbound Voice
  • Social
  • Reporting
  • WFM
  • CRM Integration
  • Unified Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Skills Based Routing
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Work Item Management

Business Consulting

Quality Connex offer a unique approach to customer contact business consulting through their established framework for conducting strategic reviews and sales and service diagnostics.
  • Strategic Review
  • Sales and Service Diagnostic
  • Customer Contact Implementations

Salesforce Contact Centre

Run your entire contact centre completely within Salesforce to allow a fully dynamic bleded environment
  • Full IVR with native integration for Salesforce records lookup
  • Dynamic Predictive Dialling
  • Native CTI
  • Call Recording

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Why Choose us

  •   Optimal range of products to meet your every need!
  •   You tell us the problem & we provide you with the solution
  •   Consulting on crucial areas Transition & strategy consulting
  •   Our consultants bring years of contact centre expertise.

Quality Connex Cloud Software and Consulting

Collaborative Communication Technologies

Collaborative Communication Technologies

Consulting and Strategy Services

Consulting & Strategy Services

Quality and Coaching Solutions

Quality & Coaching Solutions

The flexible, intelligent cloud platform
that connects you to your customers anywhere, anytime on any device.

Customer experience is at the forefront in all the solutions that we deliver. We believe, a better agent experience leads to better customer experience. By utilising the products and services we offer, Quality Connex creates a working environment where the agent is able to communicate through all channels, adhere to compliance recording whilst having the business systems such as CRM integrated to provide an effective engagement end to end.

Quality Connex brings together conceptual knowledge and industry specific experience to resolve our customer’s problems and challenges through our QC Insights consulting services. The Insights service consists of a series of steps or processes to achieve a desired goal. This can range from Customer Contact Strategies, Sales and Service Diagnostics and Customer Contact Implementations. Our services have been established to address your unique situation.

Quality Connex is a partner that has experience, adds business value and is motivated to deliver outcomes. All done through actionable, measurable approach.

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